What did marriage bring me?

The most poignant glimpse into Shabana’s delicate psyche came at the end of the interview when she asked if she could pose a question.

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Elderly mothers bear AIDS burden

In the absence of men and women of working-age, older relatives often resume the burden of being breadwinners and caretakers. More often than not, this task falls on elderly women.

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The life of a social worker in the early years of the AIDS epidemic

Finding a landlord willing to rent space to accommodate a growing number of patients was a struggle in itself–the only property the Freedom Foundation managed to rent was an abandoned chicken shed outside Bangalore.

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ARV production is an Indian government responsibility

Alternatives to Western pharmaceutical companies imposing licenses on Indian generic drug makers.…


IV drug abuse raising HIV infection rate in India

A user admits that when he finally faces the dire choice between buying a new needle or heroin, his addiction will overcome his fear of HIV.…


Contracting HIV through contaminated blood

Raj is among the approximately five to ten percent of the global HIV+ population that was infected through contaminated blood five years ago. …