The effectiveness of a grassroots campaign

In an age when information is equal to power, corporations are more than ever sensitive to their brand image. We hope to accomplish something similar with the WTO as Amit Srivastava has accomplished againt Coke. This article ran on the front page of the Wall Street Journal this week:

Virtual Battle: How a Global Web of Activists Gives Coke Problems in India
Mr. Srivastava Uses Internet To Fuse Protest Groups; Court Order on Pesticides
Company Sees ‘Brandjacking’

You can find a PDF of the entire article here.

I don’t know enough about the Coke case to know if all the statistics used by both sides are supported by the facts, but the article does underscore the effectiveness of such an Internet-based campaign.

But as journalist and photo-journalist team, we think it critical that we present the stories of people whose lives have been altered by the new patent law. The project’s goal is to bring the concept of oral history into the digital multimedia age.

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