Getting our bearings

After being stranded in Kuwait for a 6-hour delay, we landed safely in Mumbai by mid-morning on Saturday. The monsoons unleashed a torrential rain to greet us at the airport, flooding EVERYTHING.

There has been no time to feel jet lagged. For the first time ever, I (and Srinivas) managed to stay awake till midnight Mumbai time to place me firmly in this timezone. We stayed with a photo editor at the Times of India, who introduced us to several people working on HIV issues in some capacity. One person he told us about–who we have yet to meet–is a Fulbright scholar studying the impact of being HIV+ on the relationship between mothers and their children. We hope to meet her soon for an interview.

On Sunday morning, we left for Hyderabad where we have arranged to spend time at an HIV/AIDS clinic. We will be traveling with an organization to rural villages as where they are conducting some outreach programs. Back soon with some photos and audio.

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