Willing to face the glare

The women’s stories are strikingly similar: their husbands visiting commerical sex workers, became infected and passed on the virus to their unsuspecting wives.

The men often tell a story of denial: they don’t know how they became sick.

What the HIV+ men and women have in common is that they are afraid to reveal their status for fear of discrimination and rejection by their families.

Here are some portraits of men and women willing to face the glare–and speak up about their condition to help others. They are all part of a group called Netwok of HIV Positive People.

3 Responses to “Willing to face the glare”

  1. Cla├║dio Meirelles Mattos says:

    This images brought a shock for me. We must continue fighting this deasease. It’s unbeliveable.

  2. marganascannell says:

    May the Gods and Goddess,bless all those people dealing with AIDS.I feel that no one deserves to suffer from that horrible disease.And I pray the we will one day have a cure for it.

  3. saisree says:

    iam very much moved by the people of hiv aids.