Posting delay

We wanted to explain why we haven’t posted anything since Dec. 21, 2005. We are applying for a grant for the next phase of the project and that work is consuming most of our energy. The deadline is Jan. 31.

The next few items we are considering include:

1. Shabana’s mother’s thoughts and feelings about her daughter’s situation;

2. An expert speaking about the infrastructure required to get treatment to those who need it;

3. And the photographer’s reflection on his long friendship with someone surviving because of anti-retroviral drugs.

We apologize for this delay and we will begin posting as soon as the application material is postmarked.

4 Responses to “Posting delay”

  1. Ashok kumar Paikaray says:

    The site is informative

  2. Ravi Goswami says:

    information on HIV/AIDS is useful. but some more things like which problems are getting by an positive person and what changes they found in behaviour of their families or society is also important. peoples must know how to care a HIV postive patient.
    I think you people are doing a great job.
    kudos for you all.

  3. Sandeep Junnarkar says:

    Hi Ravi,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Just to be clear: are you also suggesting we ask some different questions to find out about “what changes [positive people] found in the behavior of their family or society” and to ask about “how to care for an HIV positive people”?

    Do you have specific questions you would like us to ask? Please do let us know. We want to increase the collaborative aspect of this type of website.



  4. KenMarshall says:

    Thanks for helping