Shabana’s hopes

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Shabana, 20, realized she was HIV+ after her husband’s health began rapidly deteriorating. A Muslim woman, she now serves as a counselor trying to educate those in her community about the dangers of HIV/AIDS and how it spreads. Many Muslims, she says, still believe that the illness will not enter their community. Shabana, who was married off at 13 and with a child at 14, says she is dedicating whatever of her life remains to making sure that her six-year-old daughter and others can avoid her fate.

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3 Responses to “Shabana’s hopes”

  1. Rev. Andre R Boulanger says:

    Your courage and devotion are admirable, Shabana. You have my admiration.
    I work as a volunteer in an HIV/AIDS clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. Our work is so very important, especially for the young ones.
    You are in my prayers.

  2. Shabana,

    I live in Orlando, Fl (USA). I read your story; you and your family are in our prayers. Stay strong and keep the faith!

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    Best Regards,

  3. P. Hamilton says:

    Extraordinary young woman, such poise, focus, clarity, grace.

    What her situation is like now i wonder, according to the date it’s been three years since this video was taken.

    Is there any way to reach her? I would be interested in donating a modest sum to a fund for her daughters education…